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Rhode Island requires LLCs to have a registered agent. A registered agent is someone who serves as the point of contact between LLCs and the state. In Rhode Island, registered agents have this responsibility, among other duties. While registered agents have a lot of roles to play within an LLC, becoming one or working with a third-party service is straightforward. You simply need to find someone you trust and respect or another company and enter into an agreement. That said, finding the best-registered agent is tricky. You need to be careful with who you trust your data with and make sure anyone you work with is reliable to ensure your company remains compliant. For these reasons, it's almost always best to work with a registered agent service. These services provide you with a comprehensive registered agent experience, handle compliance, filing, and sometimes even things like tax filing. If you're interested in becoming the registered agent of your LLC, or if you need a registered agent, we're here to help. We're going to take you through everything you need to know about registered agents in Rhode Island.

What Is a Rhode Island Registered Agent?

A Rhode Island registered agent is someone who communicates with the state on behalf of an LLC. An LLC needs someone to represent it because it can't speak for itself. For this reason, LLCs in Rhode Island use a registered agent as the point of contact between an LLC and the state. Registered agents in Rhode Island are required by law and are also responsible for a handful of duties. These duties include:
  1. Filing reports for Rhode Island
  2. Making sure the company remains in good standing based on Rhode Island law
  3. Handling the legal process
  4. Receiving paperwork for liens and other documents
  5. Data storage
While these are the basic duties that registered agents are responsible for, registered agents from third-party services can help you in more ways. For example, organizations like ZenBusiness can help you with additional things like tax services and even accounting.

Can the Owner Be a Registered Agent in Rhode Island?

Rhode Island does allow the owner of an LLC to be the registered agent. In fact, anyone with a primary address in Rhode Island is eligible to be the registered agent. People in Rhode Island can also choose a private entity to become the registered agent as long as there is an address in Rhode Island. This means that you can work with a registered agent service if you choose to do so. We recommend working with a registered agent service to simplify the process. While you can choose friends and family members, you'll see why working with a registered agent service is the best option in a moment.

Why Do Businesses Need a Registered Agent in Rhode Island?

LLCs need to have a registered agent in Rhode Island because the state requires LLCs to have one by law. This means that not having a registered agent is considered breaking the law, which prevents your LLC from being in good standing. That said, registered agents can also be beneficial to a company if you choose the right one. For this reason, we're going to take you through several reasons a registered agent service can help.


We'll begin with privacy, which is one of the most important things to consider when working with a registered agent. If you choose someone close to you, that means you have to let them into your personal affairs. You'll have to disclose information with them, have them handle reports, and even store some types of data. Privacy is also important because registered agents need to make their information public for anyone to access. Working with a registered agent service solves both of these problems. While you'll have to share personal information with the registered agent service, you don't have to worry about it being someone close to you. The second issue is solved by the registered agent service listing their address for the state. In doing so, LLC owners can keep their business and personal life separate.

Legal Process

Rhode Island requires registered agents by law, which means you need one to remain compliant with the state. That said, Rhode Island also requires a registered agent to handle the legal process. The legal process includes receiving paperwork like liens, court orders, and other legal documents. This also includes lawsuits and the process of entering one. Working with a registered agent service can help with the legal process in several ways. First and foremost, they can help you remain compliant with state laws and regulations by always being available and filing reports on time. Secondly, registered agent services can handle the legal process for you, keeping it away from your LLC. The last thing you want is to get served in your place of business.


Flexibility is important when you own an LLC. Owning an LLC comes with many responsibilities and requires a lot of time and effort to grow. For these reasons, it's always best for LLC owners to focus on the company instead of registered agent duties like filing reports on time. Plus, registered agents need to be available during business hours on non-holidays, so working with a reputable service gives you more time to yourself. Flexibility is also important for other reasons. Working with a registered agent service gives you the flexibility to store data separately, take vacations without worrying about state guidelines, and more time to focus on your LLC.


Rhode Island has several requirements for an LLC to remain compliant. While one of them is having a registered agent, that's not Rhode Island's only prerequisite. LLCs in Rhode Island need to have the necessary licenses, file reports on time, file taxes on time, and be transparent with the state. Registered agents are a small part of compliance but working with a registered agent service can help them play a bigger role. Let us explain. Working with a registered agent service places the responsibility of remaining compliant on the registered agent company. Registered agent companies can also provide your company with additional services. These services can be things like tax filing, cloud-based data storage, filing reports, and managing the legal process. With these added roles, registered agents become a powerful tool LLC owners can leverage for more flexibility with compliance.

Data Storage

Owning an LLC requires you to have a lot of data. Data is used to measure how a company performs, and you need to store documents to keep proper records. While you can keep your documents separate from state documents on your own, it's much easier to do if you're working with a registered agent service. Registered agent services can provide you with cloud-based storage solutions, which make it easy to keep your information separate. You can also use cloud-based storage to send and receive documents on the same day instead of waiting for shipping. For many LLC owners, it's tempting to become the registered agent of your own company. While it's tempting, you should avoid doing so if possible. Working with a registered agent service is almost always the better option.

What to Look for When Choosing a Rhode Island Registered Agent

Looking for a registered agent in Rhode Island is not simple. There are dozens of options to choose from, and it's easy to pick yourself or someone you know personally. While you should search for a registered agent that fits your needs, we recommend considering a third party. Third-party registered agent services provide your company with comprehensive services, so you don't need to worry about registered agent duties or state deadlines. Still, before choosing a registered agent, we're going to take you through some factors to consider.

Professional Service

First and foremost, it's important to work with a professional service. While you can choose yourself or a friend, working with a professional service makes it easier to hold onto your privacy. You won't have to share personal information about your company with your peers, and you won't have to worry about mixing friends and business. Plus, it gives you flexibility as the owner of an LLC because you don't need to worry about deadlines or filing reports each year. That said, you have to choose the right professional service. There are several options to choose from in Rhode Island but the best services separate themselves by providing exceptional service. These services include great customer service, affordable pricing, extra packages, and tax assistance.


When looking for a registered agent service, you also need to consider value. While most third-party services offer a basic registered agent package, check to see if the company provides you with a discount on the first year and competitive pricing. This is the type of value you want to get out of a registered agent service. When looking for a registered agent service, you should also consider the other packages the company offers. Most companies offer several packages, so evaluating each one and comparing the price is necessary. You should also take an interest in companies that allow you to customize your experience.

Data Management

Another thing to consider is data management. When you're looking into a registered agent service, you want to know how data is stored and shared; after all, data management and sending documents is one of the most essential parts of working with a registered agent. If the registered agent fails to get things done on time it can cost you and your LLC money. We recommend working with registered agent services that have advanced data management solutions to make matters easier. This means that the company should have cloud-based storage options. Storage on the cloud makes it easier to store documents, send documents, and access documents when you need to. While a registered agent service doesn't need to be the best in each category, make sure you find a service or registered agent that checks all of the boxes. You don't want to work with a bad registered agent, or it will end up costing your LLC money.

How Much Do Rhode Island Registered Agents Cost?

Registered agents vary in price depending on what you need. For example, a registered agent in Rhode Island can cost as little as $0, if you're acting as your own agent. On the other hand, if you go with a service, more expensive options can reach prices upwards of $1,000. When considering a registered agent, you need to consider what you need before making a decision. This is because your needs will influence the cost. Most packages for registered agent services cost between $250 and $1,000 annually; the rewards are typically worth it. Some premium packages can include things like tax assistance, tax filing, and even accounting. Keeping this in mind, it's important to shop based on your needs and not based on the price.

What's the Best Registered Agent Service in Rhode Island?

If you're looking for the best registered agent service in Rhode Island, ZenBusiness is the clear winner. Unlike other registered agent services, ZenBusiness does it all. The company can help you start an LLC, provide you with a registered agent, and even consult on other things like taxes and accounting. Plus, ZenBusiness is available in all 50 states and provides national coverage. This makes it one of the most flexible registered agent services around. Still, what separates ZenBusiness from competitors the most is its packages. The basic registered agent service option comes at a discount for the first year. While its cost is average compared to other registered agent services, that first-year discount helps. ZenBusiness also offers premium options like tax services, filing, and accounting. These services are competitively priced. ZenBusiness is also a company that has stellar customer service and data storage. The team is responsible and available around the clock, and the company uses cloud-based storage to send and receive documents. Overall, the process with ZenBusiness is smooth and feels rewarding. When it comes to registered agent services in Rhode Island, ZenBusiness is second to none.

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