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InCorp is an LLC services company that helps clients start, manage, and maintain a business. It was founded in 1998 and serves all 50 states and even territories like Puerto Rico. InCorp provides many services for its clients that range from help starting a business to advanced aspects of managing an LLC like accounting. Services are available for DBAs, LLCs, and other types of businesses. However, InCorp specializes in LLCs.

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Key Features

  • Services for accounting, legal assistance, and registered agents.
  • InCorp uses EntityWatch, an internal technology developed by the company, that allows users to search through databases and store pertinent information.

What Is InCorp?

InCorp is a business services company that was founded in 1998. While it’s newer than companies like IncNow, InCorp took the market by storm with innovative technology, a small professional team, and low prices. InCorp has also been growing over the last few years and offers its services in all 50 states. This even includes territories like Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. InCorp also assists the District of Columbia.

While InCorp is a national company, its headquarters are in Las Vegas. The company chose this location for tax benefits, which gives InCorp the ability to provide services at such low prices. InCrop also created innovative technology solutions for LLCs and other companies. This is the primary reason to choose InCorp over competitors (aside from the low price).

InCorp has also created a technology called EntityWatch. EntityWatch is a service that scans state databases for information on LLCs and other companies. This is useful for many reasons (we’ll touch on these more below) and sets InCorp apart from competitors in the space.

InCorp is also a company that deliberately keeps its team small. This is an interesting choice for a national company, but the support team is professional and knowledgeable in many areas. InCorp’s team consists of people from different backgrounds and includes entrepreneurs, businesspeople, and attorneys for legal needs. This enables InCorp to help with almost any LLC need.

What Does InCorp Do?

InCorp helps people start businesses. While InCorp specializes in LLC services, the company can also assist in many other ways. With InCorp, you can start a DBA, partnership, sole proprietorship, corporation, non-profit, and other types of companies. This makes InCorp flexible and well-rounded compared to companies that only allow customers to establish an LLC.

That said, InCorp also provides other services. There are an array of services that help companies maintain compliance with federal and state regulations. InCorp can also provide LLCs and other companies with a registered agent. Overall, InCorp provides services for anything business-related that individuals may struggle with.

InCorp Services

InCorp provides several services that help people start companies, manage compliance, and staff registered agents. While these services depend on the needs of clients, several services from InCorp are unique and worth noting. We’ll take you through a handful of services that stand out with InCorp.

Starting a Business

With InCorp, there are many options for starting a company. While some companies are limited to LLC formation, InCorp can help you start most types of businesses — from LLCs to partnerships. The cost for each type of business formation varies, too. Still, InCorp provides assistance at a lower cost than most companies and avoids unnecessary fees.

Below are the types of businesses InCorp can help you start:

  • LLCs
  • DBA
  • Corporations
  • Different types of corporations
  • Various LLC designations
  • Licensing

While InCorp is still limited compared to companies like LegalZoom, the low cost of less than $100 (without state fees) is hard to beat. InCorp also takes pride in fast turnaround times and can help people start a company in less than a week. While not the fastest pace around, it’s the best for the price.

Accounting and Law

InCorp also provides services for accounting and law. This means InCorp is a one-stop shopping experience for individuals who need assistance with bookkeeping, taxes, and legal assistance. While InCorp won’t represent a company in court, business owners can get legal documents and paperwork that’s designed for the company. When it comes to the law, InCorp’s strategy is to help people avoid courts and other legal problems.

For accounting, InCorp provides specialized services. While other companies offer standard options for each client, InCorp consults with clients before coming up with an accounting plan. While the price varies, this is where InCorp shines and provides some of its best services. This is useful for tax season, filing, and even state compliance.

Registered Agent Services

InCorp also helps people with registered agent services. In most states, LLCs and corporations are required by law to have registered agents. These agents act as a point of communication between the LLC and the state. While registered agents can be anyone, companies are better off using a third-party registered agent service. This is because it helps avoid the requirement to be present 9-5 during regular business hours. Using registered agent services also prevents companies from becoming liable for missing annual reports and other documents.

When it comes to InCorp, the registered agent services offered are basic. It only costs $129 per year to have a registered agent with InCorp, and it handles all the deadlines and paperwork. That said, the registered agent service option comes with many services like cloud-based data storage, mail forwarding, and more.

EntityWatch Technology

We couldn’t cover InCorp’s services without mentioning EntityWatch, an information system developed by the company. The system allows people to search through databases and store information. It also provides LLC owners with the ability to learn about their own company and see what’s missing. It’s a tool that both InCorp can use to help companies, and LLC owners can use to help themselves.

EntityWatch also serves as a storage system. With EntityWatch you can store documents, track reports, and ensure your company is in good standing. While other companies have similar databases, InCorp pioneered EntityWatch, and it continues to be one of the most innovative tools around. Even without using the other services, EntityWatch is reason enough to work with InCorp.

These are only a handful of the services that InCorp provides its clients.

What We Like About InCorp

There is a lot to like about this company — from ratings from the Better Business Bureau to its high-functioning IOS application. That said, we’re going to take you through five of our favorite InCorp features. Many of these are unique to InCorp and can’t be found elsewhere.


First and foremost, when it comes to affordability, InCorp is difficult to beat. In some states, it costs as little as $100 to create an LLC, and in some states (like Alaska), registered agent services are less than $100 per year. When it comes to prices, competitors can’t keep up. Still, InCorp maintains a high level of quality despite its low prices. Plus, the company even provides companies with innovative technology like EntityWatch, which is exclusive to InCorp.

InCorp’s affordability also extends to unique services like accounting and law assistance. Getting legal documents from the company is cheap and easy, and accounting is based on the needs of the client. In most cases, this means people are getting the best possible service for their money. Therefore, money-wise, InCorp is among the best in the industry.

EntityWatch Technology

Next, InCorp’s EntityWatch technology deserves mention. It’s an innovative technology that allows companies to search their LLC in a database. This reveals important information and can show LLC owners gaps in their compliance programs. InCorp’s representatives can also use EntityWatch to help clients understand why they need registered agents, annual reports, and other compliance documents.

National Coverage

InCorp is one of a few national companies. This means InCorp can provide an LLC with services in all 50 states. In fact, InCorp also covers U.S territories like Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. This separates InCorp from companies like IncNow, which are specific to the state they’re founded in. Having national coverage is also important because InCorp can continue to provide its services if you expand into other states or move your headquarters entirely.


Another unique feature that we love is InCorp’s Apple interface. Apple devices are some of the most popular smartphones and tablets around. Therefore, having an IOS companion app makes it easy for companies to connect their business to InCorp’s services. The IOS app allows people to do the following:

  • Gain instant access to data files
  • Set reminders and mark events
  • View payment history
  • Integrate payments
  • Share InCorp features with friends
  • Use receipts and bookkeeping features
  • Work on an IPhone and/or IPad

Overall, the IOS app is a great feature that separates InCorp from other LLC service companies.

Excellent Ratings

When it comes to ratings, InCorp is also among the best. The company maintains an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and is highly regarded by news outlets like Forbes. InCorp also has over 250,000 clients around the country and can provide online support to each one when needed. There are also live support services and 24/7 online access. InCorp also maintains positive ratings on Google and other review and rating platforms.

However, keep in mind that these are only a handful of our favorite aspects of InCorp.

What We Dislike About InCorp

InCorp is a solid company and brings many perks to the table for its clients. That said, it comes up short in other areas. To be as transparent as possible, it’s also important to cover what we dislike about InCorp. Read on to learn more.

Slow Customer Support

First and foremost, customer support is not the best. While customers can access the website 24/7, the servers are slow at times. Plus, getting in touch with a representative is not always quick. Some customers report long wait and hold times. Therefore, customer support is one area that InCorp can improve on. While it’s not terrible, online support is not enough when clients have questions that require in-depth answers or help from a representative.

Dated Website

Another issue with InCorp is the website is dated. Compared to other sites, InCorp’s user interface is clunky and slow. While there is plenty of information on the website, companies like LegalZoom and ZenBusiness do a better job with the user interface. Plus, InCorp’s website was made in the mid-2000s, which isn’t a good look when websites are simple to make and update today.

No Android Application

Another issue is that InCorp only has an IOS app. While this is a great feature, it leaves out Android users and limits their experience. When some clients get better treatment than others, it’s not a good sign. Until InCorp creates an app compatible with Android devices, this will always be an issue and something we’d like to see fixed sooner rather than later.

Other than these issues, InCorp is one of our favorite LLC service companies.


  • Unique EntityWatch technology helps business owners view important information and fill gaps within their compliance program
  • Coverage for all 50 states and many territories like the US Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico
  • IOS app that allows you to view information about your LLC on the go


  • No Android smartphone app
  • The website is outdated
  • Customer support isn't always fast

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