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ZenBusiness is an LLC services company that helps people start, manage, and maintain a business. What sets ZenBusiness apart are its quality-of-life services, which make it easy to remain compliant with state and federal laws. Examples include registered agents, annual filing, and packages that are specific to your business’s needs. ZenBusiness also makes the process of starting and maintaining your business as smooth as possible.

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Key Features

  • Packages that vary based on your needs and include services like business email and domain name. This helps ZenBusiness provide maximum value at reasonable prices.
  • Worry-free CPA assessments ensure that your company is in good standing with state and federal taxes. This is a service that's unique to ZenBusiness.
  • Worry-free compliance for annual reports.
  • Registered agent services.

What Is ZenBusiness?

We’ll start with what ZenBusiness is. ZenBusiness is a Texas-based company that mainly helps people create and run their LLC. The company offers many services, like registration and registered agent services, that make it easy for you to focus on your company instead of the day-to-day mundane paperwork tasks.

ZenBusiness is one of the most comprehensive companies in the field and works hard to give its clients the best service. There are many packages people can choose from, and each one offers different services. We’ll have more on each package [ANCHOR #ZenBusiness Packages]later.[END ANCHOR]

The company is designed to help people manage their LLCs without having to lose focus of the business. While the state wants you to be available every day, that’s not always practical for busy business owners. This is how ZenBusiness adds value and accomplishes this by managing these parts of the business for you.

What Does ZenBusiness Do?

ZenBusiness is an online company that focuses on providing your LLC with quality-of-life services. They offer things like accounting options, registered agent services, and even annual filing. This makes it easier for you to focus on your business itself instead of being worried about compliance with the state and federal government.

ZenBusiness is also a well-rounded company that offers different services based on your company’s individual needs. For example, people that want to take a more hands-off approach can use the [ANCHOR #Premium-Package]Premium Package,[END ANCHOR] which includes accounting options, a registered agent service, annual filing, Worry-Free Compliance, and more.

Therefore, ZenBusiness is a service that evolves based on the needs of your business. The company can either do a little bit, like help you get started, or handle all of your compliance needs. The diversity of your options makes it one of the best companies in the industry.

ZenBusiness Packages

ZenBusiness offers many packages to fit the needs of each client. There are three packages for you to choose from, each with its own benefits and additional features. The packages are the starter package, pro package, and premium package.

Starter Package

The Starter Package is ZenBusiness’s basic plan. It doesn’t come with many options, and it won’t wow you. That said, it’s a solid package for people that don’t need comprehensive service. Priced at $39.99 ($119 after the first year), the plan provides you with a registered agent service and the basic incorporation compliance you need.

The starter package also provides you with bylaws, the operating agreement, and complimentary accounting. While it doesn’t come with many features, it’s a solid starter plan that gives you everything you need to get started on your LLC journey.

Pro Package

The Pro Package is the next level up from the Starter Package. This option is more expensive, priced at $149, but gives you more features and benefits. One of the most notable features is that ZenBusiness will communicate with banks on your behalf to help you get a tax number (EIN).

The Pro Package also grants you additional filing and data storage options. ZenBusiness will file your annual report for you and store it on the cloud. This is all included in ZenBusiness’s Worry-Free Guarantee, which focuses on keeping your business compliant with state and federal regulations.

Premium Package

The Premium Package is where ZenBusiness gets serious. This package comes with everything you need to start, operate, and keep your LLC compliant. This package comes with everything found in the more affordable options but includes new features for another $100.

These features vary, but you can expect to find things that make your life easier. You’ll find:

  • Faster filing speeds
  • A domain name for your company
  • Privacy
  • Business email

These are things you can do on your own, sure, but it’s also great when you get them in the same package.

While each package is different, each option can work based on your needs –even the Starter Package is enough to get started without worrying about a hassle.

What We Like

ZenBusiness is one of our favorite companies for LLC services because it offers so much value. We’re going to take you through our five favorite features that ZenBusiness offers.

Worry-Free CPA Assessment

We have to start with the Worry-Free CPA Assessment. This is a wild service that helps you avoid state and federal government fees by ensuring your company is up-to-date tax-wise.

The Worry-Free CPA Assessment is a feature unique to ZenBusiness. It’s one of the company’s best features because it ensures your business is compliant with tax codes and that everything is set up properly. While you could work with a CPA on the side, ZenBusiness gives you an affordable alternative, and it is included with every package.

Worry-Free Compliance for Annual Reports

ZenBusiness also has a Worry-Free Compliance feature for annual reports. Annual reports can be time-consuming, especially if you get to them too late. This is because they take a long time to fill out, the sheets use complex phrasing, and filing late can lead to penalties.

ZenBusiness makes this easier by giving you access to annual report filing. The company will file for you and make sure everything is in order. This prevents issues and time delays if you file late. This service also helps you avoid late fees and comes with advanced data storage on the cloud.

Great Reviews

Another thing that sets ZenBusiness apart from other services are the reviews the company gets. ZenBusiness has over 6,000 reviews, and that number continues to grow. Moreover, the reviews are positive and suggest that the company is doing something right.

The reviews also focus on the value of quality customer service. There aren’t many people who are disappointed with the service, and this seems to be a trend among most reviews. Overall, the reviews make up for the company’s lack of time in the space.

Wholesome Business

While not a feature or benefit for you, the consumer, ZenBusiness is a good company –morally. ZenBusiness is partnered with Kiva.org to help people get out of poverty. This is a wholesome mission that most companies avoid because of the cost.

ZenBusiness helps by helping people who have trouble getting loans and lending options. The company focuses on helping women and minority groups get their companies off the ground. Therefore ZenBusiness is in support of giving everyone a fair chance.

Great Value

One of our favorite things about ZenBusiness is its value. The option to select different packages is a huge bonus. This allows people to get the value they want out of the company, even if they don’t need extra features or services. Overall, this makes it a valuable benefit if you’re looking to go all-in.

That said, ZenBusiness isn’t one of those companies that strips down their most affordable package. While it doesn’t come with anything game-changing, it comes with everything you need to protect your company, remain compliant, and file annual reports.

For these reasons, we think ZenBusiness provides more value than most of its competitors. The company has compassion, offers great packages, and has excellent customer service for those that need help. Overall, it’s our top choice when it comes to LLC services.

What We Dislike

ZenBusiness is a great company, and it’s versatile in the services it provides. That said, ZenBusiness is not perfect. The company does fall short in some areas when compared to competitors. We’re going to take you through a few things we dislike about ZenBusiness.

Lack of Brand Recognition

ZenBusiness is a new company, so it doesn’t carry the brand recognition that more established companies have. When working with an online-based company, this can raise some red flags.

Unfortunately, ZenBusiness hasn’t been around for as long as its competitors. While the company continues to grow, this puts it at risk of closing its doors at some point and raises trust issues with new clients.

Expensive Base Package

While the Starter Package from ZenBusiness is affordable, it’s not the most affordable option around. For example, you can find a cheaper starter package that comes with nearly identical features from IncFile. Still, IncFile is known for selling you additional services or at least trying to, so it’s wise to pick your battles here.

Several companies have starter packages that come with more features. For example, other companies might offer you a registered agent service at a discount or even provide you with additional options during the first year. We also don’t like how the cost of the package jumps up in price after the first year of use comes to an end.


Okay, this is more of an industry-wide problem, but we’re disappointed that ZenBusiness didn’t reinvent the wheel here. Most of these companies, ZenBusiness included, have cheap packages with many upsell options. These upsell options come with better features and services that most LLC owners want.

Unfortunately, ZenBusiness is guilty of this. The service has additional charges if you want to use the Worry-Free Compliance Guarantee or have them help you with an employee identification number. The good news is that ZenBusiness does include these options in more expensive packages, so you don’t always have to get upsold.

There is a lot to like about ZenBusiness, but that doesn’t mean the company is perfect –we want our review to reflect that. While it was hard for us to find things wrong with the company, there are some things we dislike that we’d like to see addressed. Still, we stand by ZenBusiness being the best option.

Our Verdict

There are dozens of LLC companies that help you with registered agents, annual reports, compliance, and more. That said, ZenBusiness is our favorite company, and we don’t have a close second. While the company isn’t perfect, it offers exceptional customer service and combines the experience with top-notch software and cloud storage.

If you’re looking to start an LLC and have nowhere to start, ZenBusiness can help. The company knows the industry well, has resources in all 50 states, and understands how individual needs can vary. Moreover, ZenBusiness has the most affordable packages compared to other options. For these reasons, we feel confident recommending ZenBusiness.


  • Worry-free assessments by a licensed CPA help your company remain in good standing
  • ZenBusiness partners with Kiva.org to help people get out of poverty
  • Excellent value from each package and helps you get the most bang for your buck


  • The base package is expensive compared to competitors
  • It's a newer company that doesn't have as much brand recognition as its competitors

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