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IncNow is a Delaware-specific company that helps people start businesses. The company has in-person locations and assists clients online, which makes it one of the best online LLC services in Delaware. That said, there are many companies you can use to start an LLC in Delaware and other states. Each company has unique advantages and disadvantages, so it’s important to look at each company closely.

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Key Features

  • Registered agent services.
  • Compliance kits for keeping a business in good standing with Delaware's state government and the federal government.
  • Helps residents of Delaware start and maintain a business from start to finish.

What Is IncNow?

IncNow stands for Everything Agents and Corporations, Inc., but the company goes by “IncNow,” and primarily helps its clients start LLCs. That said, IncNow is specific to the state of Delaware. Therefore, you can only use this company if you’re a resident of Delaware or plan on moving to the state. For this reason, it’s a bit more limited than other LLC services companies. Still, being a Delaware-specific company does come with some benefits. For example, the company knows Delaware better than companies that offer their services in all 50 states.

IncNow was founded in 1974 by David Williams–one of the first tax lawyers to live in Delaware. While Williams started the company, it soon changed hands to his three children. These family members continue to own and operate the company. While the children didn’t start the company, they’ve won awards for being great entrepreneurs. On average, the company helps form around 300 LLCs each month.

IncNow is also connected to a law firm. While IncNow isn’t a law firm, it is attached to The Williams Law Firm, P.A., (run by the founder, David Williams). The Williams Firm practices estate and business law and has won million-dollar settlements. Overall, IncNow is one of the most well-rounded LLC services companies in Delaware. When it comes to law and starting a company, IncNow has cemented itself as the leader in the region.

What Does IncNow Do?

IncNow does many things, but each service is tailored to the needs of the client. This means that IncNow provides different services for different people. That said, the mission of IncNow is to help people start companies in Delaware. This is accomplished by handling the paperwork side of starting a company and making sure everything is in order based on the client’s unique profile.

They also help with legal documents and other legal aspects of running a company and can even help clients start different types of businesses, from nonprofit organizations to corporations. IncNow also participates in the Delaware community and ensures that residents choose them over other companies like ZenBusiness and LegalZoom.

IncNow Services

IncNow has many services for individuals and companies. These services vary based on the needs of the client, but there are set options in place for people to choose from. This makes it easy for people to learn about what suits them best. We’ll take you through each of the services IncNow provides.

Starting a Company

First and foremost, IncNow can help you start a company. IncNow specializes in Delaware-specific laws and businesses, so you don’t need to worry about struggling to find the best fit for your company. In addition, IncNow can assist in starting several different types of companies, so you’re not limited to forming just an LLC or a corporation.

These options include:

  • Limited liability company (LLC)
  • Corporations (S and C corps)
  • Nonprofits
  • Public benefit corporations
  • Limited partnerships
  • Series LLC

While the cost to start each one varies, IncNow is transparent about pricing and fees. Everything is made known early on and throughout the process.

Registered Agent

IncNow also has a registered agent service. IncNow’s registered agent service is affordable and easy to use. The company is up to code with the state of Delaware and only costs $99 per year after the first year. That’s almost $200 cheaper than companies like LegalZoom. IncNow’s registered agent service also includes a mail forwarding service and document storage, so you don’t need to worry about filing things with the state–IncNow handles everything for you.

Business Maintenance

IncNow also has several options to help clients maintain their company’s good standing in Delaware. This means that reports must be filed on time, taxes must be in order, and there must be an appointed registered agent who responds to all correspondence. While this is a lot for new business owners to process, IncNow offers many services to make this process easier.

Some examples include:

  • Help with federal tax ID numbers
  • Franchise taxes
  • Invoices
  • Renewal
  • Revival
  • DBA services
  • Certified copy
  • Compliance kits

These are only a handful of the services that IncNow provides. We encourage you to check the company’s website to learn more.

What We Like About IncNow

IncNow is unique because it’s a small business. While it’s smaller than companies like LegalZoom, its size makes it more approachable and personal-feeling than larger companies. Keeping this in mind, we’ll take you through some of our favorite aspects of IncNow.

Specific To Delaware

One of our favorite aspects of IncNow is how it’s specific to Delaware. This means that the company doesn’t serve clients from outside of the state. For this reason, IncNow has the most business knowledge for the state and makes this well-known. Moreover, IncNow focuses all of its resources on Delaware clients, making it the most personal-feeling company to work with for state residents.

IncNow also participates in several public-driven events throughout the year. This helps the company maintain its reputation for being community-centered. It works with small businesses, big companies, and everyone in-between. For these reasons, it’s hard to find a company that cares more about Delaware or its residents.

Small and Personal

IncNow is also a small and personal-feeling company. While many big companies brag about their large law rosters, IncNow brags about its small roster. While it doesn’t have hundreds of employees, the organization chooses quality over quantity. Everyone who’s a part of the IncNow staff can answer any question and help with any problem. This avoids people being put on lengthy holds, moved around to other representatives, and more.

The small team is also beneficial because they know more about Delaware than other LLC services companies. This is due to the team being focused on Delaware-specific rules and regulations. Their small team of experts is best-suited for Delaware licensing, registered agent services, and general compliance needs.

Free Resources on the Website

IncNow also makes many of their resources easily accessible on their website. Instead of having everything behind pay-walls, IncNow has resources available for free. Even if you don’t want to work with the organization, you can use their website to answer any questions you’ll likely have when starting a business in Delaware.

Great Value

While their services may be a bit more expensive than some of the larger national chains, their personal hands-on feel often makes it worth it for their clients. In addition, IncNow is very transparent and won’t try to add fees or increase the cost of services at the last second. Everything is black and white with no hidden fees, costs, or requirements on behalf of the customer.

That said, all of the services are affordable and attainable for everyone in Delaware. Nothing is too expensive or too strenuous to maintain. This value alone is hard to beat.

Great Reviews

IncNow also has great reviews on Google and other platforms. While this is not uncommon, it’s more challenging for a small business like IncNow to maintain a rating over 4 stars on Google. This reflects the quality of the service and the company’s ability to fulfill its promises to its clients. While ratings vary based on personal experience, they’re a great indicator of general quality.

These are only a handful of the things we like about IncNow. As you explore the company’s services, you’ll find that IncNow goes above and beyond whenever possible.

What We Dislike About IncNow

When it comes to IncNow, a lot of positive attributes are also problematic. This is because IncNow struggles with its size and reach. We’ll take you through some of the factors we dislike about IncNow.

Only in Delaware

First and foremost, the company’s limited scope to just the state of Delaware can be an issue for some customers. If you don’t live in Delaware, you can’t use IncNow. If you’re planning on moving to Delaware, you can, but you’ll have to wait until you have a primary address in the state. For this reason, IncNow falls short compared to other companies when it comes to reach and accessibility.

Limited Tax Services

Another issue with IncNow is that its accounting and tax services are limited. While the company can help your LLC or corporation remain compliant, IncNow doesn’t offer a lot of tax assistance, payroll help, or even tax filing. If you’re looking for these services from a business services company, you’ll have to look elsewhere. The registered agent service is also more limited than other companies because of its small size.

Small Company

Finally, IncNow being a small company is both a strength and a weakness. While it’s been around for almost 50 years, it could still close its doors tomorrow and leave many people in trouble. Moreover, it doesn’t have the resources to properly care for every business in Delaware. If IncNow continues to expand without growing its number of employees it will begin to resemble some of the larger companies because of wait times and a general disconnect. That said, this doesn’t seem to be a pressing issue.

These are some of the problems we have with IncNow. Some are worse than others, but they’re all worth noting before working with the company.

Our Verdict

IncNow is an excellent LLC services company. It’s one of the few small businesses that can help other small businesses start a company. Many companies in this trade are national corporations, which makes them feel less personal than IncNow. Therefore, IncNow has the advantage when it comes to making clients feel comfortable. For us, this is huge because you can’t find it anywhere else.

We’re also fans of IncNow for other reasons. First and foremost, being a Delaware-specific company gives it another edge over larger chains because the small team of professionals knows Delaware better. Moreover, the company doesn’t need to waste resources trying to expand across the country and can spend more time on its customers.

While IncNow isn’t perfect, it’s a wholesome company that you don’t see much of in the LLC services industry. For this reason, we appreciate what they’re doing and recommend it for anyone in Delaware that needs help starting their business. Even if it’s not an LLC, IncNow has your back.


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  • Specific to Delaware laws and regulations, which helps business owners remain in compliance
  • Free resources on the website
  • Great value for the cost
  • Small company with hands-on agents and customer support representatives


  • Limited to Delaware
  • Limited tax services
  • Smaller than national companies, so support and services may be limited

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